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Currently, we offer special discounts to the 4 deluxe destinations of our popular South China Island Resort (formerly known as Hong Kong). Offers are limited in time and quantity and tickets selling traditionally fast. If you are interested in our resorts in central and north China please check back again soon.



Island #c001.

Island #1 is one of our landmark attractions due to its history. Formerly known as Hong Kong's Victoria Peak before the big flooding of 2024, the island is mostly inhabited by wild macaques and cows. In order to provide you with an enjoyable stay, we have turned a former underground water works station into a luxury hotel.


Island size:  55mi2

special service treatment attribute: exploring

service measurements:  5' 3" /  36" /  26" /  39" / D / 24

in service since: 2078

tour time: 3 days

A former volcano, Island #2 offers a spectacular landscape with mountains and multiple hidden caves. The island is a pure adventure as a habitat for species that have been long extinct in continental China. The special service treatment is exquisite and very experienced in water massage care.​




Island size:  32mi2

special service treatment attribute: adventure

service measurements:  5' 8" /  32" /  24" /  35" /  B / 26

in service since: 2080

tour time: 3 days

Island #c002.

Island #3 is our white sands beach resort. Whether you are on a recliner or in the cool, refreshing sea, the beautiful main beach is the perfect place to relax during the day. Take advantage of our serene beach setting as an alternative to our main, sports-oriented beaches. The locale is ideal for customers seeking some quiet time during their special service treatments.


Island size:  18mi2

special service treatment attribute: relaxing

measurements:  5' 11" /  35" /  22" /  36" / B / 19

in service since: 2075

tour time: 3 days

Island #c003.

Action fans should look no further than Island #4. Its scenic landscape is the backdrop for a variety of extreme sports activities. When you like it rough and want to excel in your physical endurance, our special service treatment will provide the perfect environment.


Island size:  45mi2

special service treatment attribute: action

service measurements:  5' 8" /  35" /  22" /  34" / B / 22

in service since: 2073

​tour time: 3 days

Island #c004.
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