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Welcome to The ae corporation, serving your basic needs in the Greater China region since 2016.


We are proud to announce that ae corporation has become the largest privately owned professional services organization in the world for the first time in the company’s history.

With this milestone, ae corporation surpasses all competitors in the private professional services industry to become the market leader. As of the end of the 2082 fiscal year (May 31, 2082), ae corporation had aggregate member firm revenue of US$458 billion with a work force of approximately 350,000 people worldwide - nearly 85% of which are stationed in Priority Markets.

The ae corporation has served a total of 30 million satisfied customers, which constitutes 63% of the world's population.


With 66 years of experience, The ae corporation has greatly surpassed adversity to become an undeniable force of change among future generations. After the unforeseen mortgaging of those coming before us, we've separated ourselves from the status quo and have since become a beacon of hope for all who are to come.

We have taken on a grand vow to dedicate our resources for the greater good of the society's growth and guidance. Our service solutions have fundamentally influenced and directed people’s lives.

Book one of our services now and learn how you can help lead those around you and become a valuable asset to all of society.

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